Plans for 2018!

I wanted to thank you for you patience with the lack of content for the remainder of 2017.  I had every intention of returning to publishing stories and videos once school started again, but life had some other plans:

Our boys are now in different schools and have different schedules and sports.  My wife has been traveling more for work.  There were a few important projects that needed to be wrapped up.   And I have made a commitment to put a healthy life first, meaning taking time to workout, cook healthy meals, and maintain friendships ahead of making content.

With that said, here is my plan for 2018.  My main focus will be on writing, with the goal of finishing up the story of our missionary lives before the end of the year.   I hope to hold loosely to the goal of publishing a story every two weeks or so.  As far as Divergent Explorers, I have about 35 videos waiting for editing, and we have been busy making plans for future adventures.  While my focus will be on writing, I still hope to publish videos intermittently.  As far as Social Media is involved, I hope to startup regular instagram posts and weekly Facebook updates again.

Thanks for following along and I hope to get some new content out soon!


Two New Websites

Two New Websites

For the past several months, I have been using one website for two different projects – a divergent life with stories about growing up as a missionary kid and Divergent Explorers with videos about traveling Oregon and beyond.  But the time has come to give each the home it deserves.  I have been working hard this week on reformatting this website solely for my writings and created an entirely new website to host our travel videos. Continue reading “Two New Websites”