Welcome to a divergent life!  As a child, I spent nine years living in Asia as a missionary kid.  Our experiences and travels had a dramatic effect on our lives and how we view the world.  I wanted to share our story with others – both for our own preservation and for others enjoyment.  These writings are part of a series called a child in a foreign land.  You can read the introduction to the series here or follow us on Facebook.

Today, our family lives in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, where we have two active boys, a dog and a hamster.  Nearly six years ago, I quit my job as a Production Manager to be a full time Dad (story to come later) turned writer and videographer.  As we have been raising our boys, I wanted to give them the same love for travel and culture that I had as a kid – which led me to starting our Divergent Explorers travel channel on YouTube or Facebook.  You can read the introduction to the series here and view that website at www.divergentexplorers.com.

Family Photo by Nicole at Behind the Lens Maui

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